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Bill Shell n6ws at charter.net
Sun Jun 23 05:57:24 BST 2002

Thanks for the information on your system.
73, Bill

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On 21 Jun 2002 at 18:41, Bill Shell wrote:

Hi Bill.

> I had a crash of my Win95 DX-Spider node this morning.  DX-Spider had been
> operating for several months on the Win95 computer after converting from a
> Linux.  Out of desperation to get the local DX-Spider node back on the
air, I
> loaded DX-Spider on my CLX node computer and had it operating in about an
>  DX-Spider and CLX have been on the same platform for only about 8 hours,
> they seem to be operating with no problems.  This gives a user the option
> which server to use to after connecting to the node.  I'm toying with the
> of leaving the system running this way with both nodes on the same
> Has anyone had any experience with running CLX and DX-Spider on the same
> computer?

When I changed from CLX to dx-spider I had both running on the same PC for a
more than two weeks. No problems at all doing that.

Vy 73 de Rene / OZ1LQH

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