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Bill Shell n6ws at charter.net
Sun Jun 23 16:19:58 BST 2002


To understand why I have two different nodes operating locally, you would
need to understand the history of events that led up this time.  I had been
running CLX on the W6RFU, N6WS-6, and W6TK-6 nodes before I tried DX-Spider.
After testing DX-Spider on the local W6TK-6 node, I like the features, so I
migrated the local users to that node.  I kept the N6WS-6 CLX node operating
as a secondary route for DX-spots through the internet.  We later lost the
RF path for W6TK-6 node's link into the local RF network, so it also became
dependent on the Internet for DX-spots.  At that time I considered shutting
down the N6WS-6 node, but I still needed CLX for contests.  I use the
ability of CLX to generate the UDP frames in the CT format for contests on
my local network.  The encapsulated UDP frame can also be transported
through a VPN for use at another contest site without the need for local
generation for the CT clients at the contest site.  So, until I figure out a
way to do this with DX-Spider, I still need CLX operating locally.  It only
needs to be operating during contests, but I don't have a reason to shut it
down between contests.

I hope that explains the situation here, and the reason for the two DX nodes
on the same computer.

73, Bill

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I'm curious--why would one want or need to run two dxcluster programs
on the same computer?

Bob, N7XY

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