[Dxspider-support] DX-Spider & CLX

Bill Shell n6ws at charter.net
Tue Jun 25 05:23:44 BST 2002


I got home a little late to try this tonight.  I had to re-edit the file
since it had a line-wrap problem being transmitted as text.  The file is at:

I have to add the password since I have security turned on for the DX-Spider
node.  I'll have time to add the login and password for the telnet tomorrow

Thanks again,

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As promised...
here is the modified script we use
it's the original CLX script but slightly modified for spider use
hope this works.. it's not coming from the cluster but
from my development archive
(cannot access the cluster at this time)

you should check the IP broadcast address used and the port numbers

the CT user can open a packet window and type cluster commands...



use strict;
use IO::Socket;
use IPC::Open2;

use constant VERBOSE => 1;			### DEBUGGING SWITCH ###
use constant BUFLEN => 2048;

# defaults
my $node = shift || 'xx0xx';			# cluster node callsign
- first parameter when called by clx
my $mycall = shift || 'xx0xx';			# user callsign
my $bcaddr = shift || '';	# CT network udp
broadcast address
my $port = shift || 9870;			# CT network udp port
my $station = shift || 15;			# CT network station id

# open a bidirectional pipe to net_usr
my $in  = 0;
my $out = 0;
my $pid = open2(*in,*out,"telnet 9000") || die "Cannot open2()

# open UDP socket to CT clients
my $sock = IO::Socket::INET->new(Proto=>'udp',
	or die $@;

# fork child process
my $child = fork();
die "can't fork child process: $!" unless defined $child;

tx_data(*in,$sock,$child)  unless $child;
rx_data(*out,$sock)        if $child;

sub tx_data {
	# parse params
	my ($in,$sock,$child) = @_;

	print "TX started\n" if VERBOSE;

	# wait for data coming from net_usr process
	while(<$in>) {

		# create CT udp packet
		my $ct = 'B' . chr($station + 48) . $_;

		# add checksum byte
		my $checksum = unpack("%32C*",$ct);
		$checksum |= 0x80;
		$checksum &= 0xFF;
		$ct .= chr($checksum) . "\n";

		# send CT udp packet
		$sock->send($ct) || die "send(): $!";
		print "CT msg broadcast:$ct\n" if VERBOSE;

	kill 'TERM',$child;

sub rx_data {
	# parse params
	my ($out,$sock) = @_;

	print "RX started\n" if VERBOSE;

	# wait for data coming from CT clients
	my $buffer='';
	while(1) {
		my $from = recv($sock,$buffer,BUFLEN,0) or next;

		# check checksum if packet is valid
		my $checksum = ord(substr($buffer,-1));
		my $chkdata = substr($buffer,0,-1);
		my $calc = unpack("%32C*",$chkdata);
		$calc |= 0x80;
		$calc &= 0xFF;
		my $chk = ($calc ne $checksum) ? 'nok' : 'ok';

		# extract additional data
		my $type = substr($buffer,0,1);
		my $stn = ord(substr($buffer,1,1))-48;
		my $data = substr($buffer,2,-1);

		if (VERBOSE) {
			my ($port,$ip) = unpack_sockaddr_in($from);
			$ip = inet_ntoa($ip);
			print "$ip:$port type=$type station=$stn [$data]

		# send data if CT packet is for cluster (type A)
		if ($type eq 'A' && $calc eq $checksum) {
			print $out "$data\n";
			print "** data send to cluster **\n" if VERBOSE;


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