[Dxspider-support] More baddx, badspotter and badnode.

Colin Harris charis.g3orh at virgin.net
Fri Jun 28 18:58:49 BST 2002

Rene , lets discuss this off list. Send me your email
address as I don't have it.  This is the following on gb7pdx
and gb7orh

baddx is chmod 644 sysop.spider
badnode is chmod 664 sysop.spider
badspotter is 644 sysop.spider
badword is 664 sysop.spider

this line of yours is wrong :-
> -rw-rw-r--   1 sysop    users         111 Jun 28 04:22
and should be :-
   -rw-r-r--       1 sysop    spider (which is 644 and yours
is 664)

I would suggest checking the main spider/perl directory for
ownership and group of all files and you could check some of
the other directories also.

I would also check /etc/group to make sure this is correct
according to the install manual. You see if the baddx group
is being altered due to incorrect assignments in
/spider/perl then baddx no longer belongs to spider but to
group called users which is incorrect since the rest of your
setup shows the owner as sysop and the group as spider and
ALL files should be owner sysop and group spider and
indicates you have a flaw in the setup somewhere.

I noticed you are referring now to 2 nodes. Lets stick to
just the one node ( yours) or it becomes totally confusing

-Regards Colin  ( Please reply direct to
charis.g3orh at virgin.net )

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