[Dxspider-support] DXSpider freezes with latest CVS update

Bob Nielsen nielsen at oz.net
Tue Oct 1 21:06:58 BST 2002

I did a CVS update late yesterday to build 57.094 and now DXSpider
freezes after running normally for 15-35 minutes.  

Normally DXSpider uses less than 2 percent of the CPU, as reported by
'ps aux' or top.  At the time it hangs, DXSpider ceases to communicate
with the console (or any other connection) and CPU usage, as reported
by 'ps aux' starts to slowly increase.  After 15 minutes, CPU usage had
risen to 40 percent.  Strangely, as soon as it started to rise, top shows it
at a nearly constant 85 percent(?).  Memory usage did not increase, but
stayed at 6.6 percent.

I tried disabling MRTG, but that has no effect.

DXSpider had run flawlessly for nearly six months with no problems
prior to this.


Celeron 1 GHz processor, 192 MB SDRAM (4 MB used for onboard video).
Debian Linux "testing" distribution, perl 5.6.1.

Any ideas?

73, Bob N7XY

Bob Nielsen, N7XY                          n7xy at n7xy.net
Bainbridge Island, WA  
IOTA NA-065, USI WA-028S 

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