[Dxspider-support] LOAD/PREFIX_DATA query

Dave Hawes dave.n3rd at comcast.net
Sun Oct 13 04:30:28 BST 2002

Hello, group.

I am running version 1.51, build 57.094 on Win98SE platform.

Today I found that KH6ND is mapped to W in the prefix_data.pl.  This 
may have been right at some point, but today KH6ND is definitely in 

I fixed the file, saved it, and then did LOAD/PREFIXES.

Although the reply was "Operation successful," it was not.  KH6ND 
still mapped to W.  A reboot was required to have the change take 

A very similar situation occurred when I was editting the BADWORDS, 
and then did a LOAD/BADWORDS.  Again, "Operation successful," 
but it was not.  A reboot of Spider was required.

I presume that the intent of the LOAD/xxx commands is to allow these 
kinds of changes "on the fly," without disturbing the users.  Am I doing 
something wrong, or is this a bug?

Thanks for any guidance.

Dave N3RD

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