[Dxspider-support] [quiet announce] US state filtering

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Tue Oct 15 02:32:42 BST 2002

On Mon, 14 Oct 2002 13:31:27 +0100
Dirk Koopman <djk at tobit.co.uk> wrote:

> In the latest build in CVS I have put in an alpha version of US State
> filtering. The build you require is 57.119. 


Things have moved on a bit and feedback received has throw up the odd
anomaly and enhancement.

It appears that the last few entries in each FCC database / update were
silently thrown away (programmer was too eager with his copy and paste),
therefore the database had a few 100 missing entries. Fortunately one of
them was a user of Bob K2UT and I was able to track it down. Just
occasionally I get a lucky break, early on...!!

Also, it turns out, that there are several 'invalid' entries on the FCC
database (invalid means, as far as I am concerned, a lack of State
and/or City). 

I have also tracked down and fixed the Compress::Zlib problem on Windows
(it was as I suspected, the filename needs a .gz on the end of it -
DUHHH!). I have only tested this on ActiveState build 633, perl 5.6.1.

For *nix users, I have made the use of Compress::Zlib optional; if you
don't have it loaded you will need to manually uncompress the file and
use that instead. 

Here are the instructions from the Changes file:-
1. Download the corrected database from
   http://www.dxcluster.org/download/usdbraw.gz to somewhere like /tmp.
2. update from CVS.
3. Restart (on linux, just stop the node and *don't* restart on
   Windows). 4. remove /spider/data/user.v1
5. cd /spider/perl
6. (perl) create_usdb.pl /tmp/usdbraw.gz (or wherever you put it)
6a. If you don't have Compress::Zlib loaded then you will need to gunzip
    it manually and do: create_usdb.pl /tmp/usdbraw (not Windows :-)
7. on linux, in a console window do: load/usdb, on windows: restart the

Dirk G1TLH

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