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richard Bown richard.bown at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Oct 19 09:17:49 BST 2002

Hiya, have you considered some thing a bit radical ?
OK it may sound it but why not try Mandrake 8.2 or even 9.0 , instead.
8.2 is stable,the install is very easy,,,and the good bit is you dont
need to compile a kernel ,unless its something really wacky your
needing, as the distro kernel has all the modules already built.
Including all the Ham modules.
It will also update itself if you want it to, ie go and get the updates
and bugfixes and install them.

any way just a suggestion, as you were in the reinstall stage, Mandrake
was a Redhat clone at one stage, so you should see that much of a
difference apart from some very nice features 

HTH 73 Richard g8jvm

On Fri, 2002-10-18 at 21:25, David Tausworthe wrote:
> Hello group.  Would someone please assists me?  I am trying to get
> linux loaded up so I can once again restart the K5PLD-Node.  But...
> For some reason, I cannot get the kernel compiled correctly.
> Here the pc and its basic information.
> 	450 mmx pent I
> 	128K memory
> 	diamond video
> 	Realteck NIC card
> 	NO sound card is used
> Here the problems I have been having
> 	1)	When I load Redhat 7.0, it installs perfectly
> 	2) But when I try to make the kernel, Kernel 2.2.22
> 		.....Never sees the Nic Card.  Not even in the ./config file. 
> There is NO Option to enable the card
> 		....Does not make the mod.dep file under /lib/modules
> 		I've tried many other version of this Kernel too.
> Next///..
> 	I tried upgrading to Redhat 7.1 Kernel 2.4.2
> 	The pc starts ok with no problems
> 	But...When I compile Kernel 2.4.9 or any other Kernel, (including
> the 2.4.2) the PC LOCKS up!  I set it up JUST LIKE THE HOWTO-AX25
> Document.
> Our node has been down all week due to these problems.  I have
> checked and recheck the kernel "make xconfig" files over and over.
> I just do not know where to go from here.
> Any and all helpful assistance is deeply appreciated.  K5PLD is the
> Pearland Amateur Club here in Pearland Texas.  And because of the
> outage, the DX for the greater Houston area is OUT of SERVICE.  We
> serve the complete area of Houston and outlining Area of Houston.
> I am out of ideas on what to do to get the kernel setup correctly.
> thank you again for any and all helpful input!
> 73's my friends
> DE
> David tausworthe
> friendswood, tx USA
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