[Dxspider-support] Almost there

Colin Harris charis.g3orh at virgin.net
Thu Oct 24 14:04:47 BST 2002

- Regards Colin
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> Thank you for the info..I did setup the priveledge levels.
> all is working, except.
> I am seeing the dx come across the server, but not the
client.  Am I
> supposed to set up a filter?  I'm still learning about
this great
> piece of software.  yes, I am reading ALOT. heheheh.
> learning.......
> I tried the accept/spots all..Is this NOT correct?

You may have found this by now but if the client ( sysop )
call you configured which appears in the screen
( console.pl ) is not getting spots try the command set/dx.
Accept/spots is part of a filter command but if you haven't
first set/dx you won't get spots.

73 Colin.

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