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Ian J Maude ian at gb7mbc.net
Sat Sep 7 11:15:44 BST 2002

On Sat, 2002-09-07 at 01:34, Radioman wrote:
> Well maby i should have looked closer, im by no way a perl cruncher,
> but the install was a snap,  maby i should replace the telnet.pm file with a newer one. i just tryed again and this time at the user prompt 
> qrz.com: N1LDY not found
> K1RFI de N1LDY  7-Sep-2002 0228Z >
Hi all,
It would help when questioning to have more information to work from. 
Please include as much as you can, version and build numbers, what
exactly is happening and an extract from the log about it.  For those
unsure about how to do this, in the perl directory is a program called
watchdbg that will follow your log.  I actually run it all the time so I
can see any potential loops etc.  However if you are trying to find a
problem, start it and try the command.  Cut and paste the output
including a few lines before and after the error and include it in you
email.  This will make it much easier to help you.
As for versions of perl modules, the latest Installation manual should
_always_ have the correct links to the latest versions (tell me if it
does not) and the easiest way to update if you do not have cvs running
is to get CVSLatest.tgz from the website.  You can do this as many times
as you like as no runtime files will be affected.  As for stability,
Spider is _always_ stable (apart from the one time it wasn't ;-)).
I Hope that helps.

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