[Dxspider-support] Questions re first Linux install

David A Wilson n4dw at juno.com
Wed Sep 11 03:13:27 BST 2002


My first attempt at Linux.  It is up and running - Linux that is.  Red
Hat 7.3

I have all the recommended cpan modules on the hard drive, but when
pulling them off the net I also pulled the following later versions:


Also, Data-Dumper-2.10.tar.gz was not available so I went with 2.101 and
did the install procedure last night.  Seemed to go ok.  I had to get to
bed so stopped there.

1> Anyway, my question(s), should I go with the cpan module versions
recommended in the Linux Installation instructions for DXSpider or can I
go with the later versions?  

2> Is there something hard written into DXSpider that will be looking for
specific versions of these cpan modules?  

3> If so, what about the already installed Data-Dumper-2.101.tar.gz?

I'm taking this installation slow, trying to learn a little about Linux
as I go.  This machine only has Linux on it and will be used solely for
DXSpider, well, at least to start with.

Have had DXSpider up and running on a WinME machine for just about a year
now.  Seems very stable until I leave my DX4WIN v1.12 (yes, I know it is
older than dirt) (on the same machine) and DX4WIN locks up & if I don't
catch it quick, DXSpider gets jumbled up and the whole thing dies.  That
is my problem, not DXSpider.

If someone could recommend answers for 1, 2 & 3 above, I will charge
ahead with my installation.

Thanks in advance,
n4dw at juno.com

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