[Dxspider-support] Stations Get Disconnected For No Reason

Simon Ravnic simon at hamradio.si
Sat Sep 14 09:52:42 BST 2002

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From: "Anthony Cioffi" <n2ki at arrl.net>

> Anyone have the problem of users getting dropped for no apparent reason?

I had this problem. Then I was playing with T3 parameter, which is idle
timeout .

* this from /etc/init.d script
# Idle
echo -n 50000 > /proc/sys/net/ax25/dmascc0/idle_timeout
(notice: this is in 10ms step due to kernel mod)

*this is from /etc/ax25/ax25d.conf
default  7 800 100 * * 50  - sysop /spider/src/client client %u ax25
# <peer> Win T1  T2  T3  idl N2 <mode> <uid> <exec> <argv[0]>[<args....>]

As I sad I was playing with T3 and somehow fixed, so it stopped droping
users (sometimes one, sometimes several, but never all). This parameters are
for 1228800bps (1.2Mbit), so you have to figure out yours, but T3 could be
the same for all speeds.

Also check how neat MRTG tracks number of users at S50DXS node:

Simon, S53ZO

Simon Ravnic, simon at hamradio.si

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