[Dxspider-support] Mrtg revisited

Simon Ravnic simon at hamradio.si
Thu Sep 26 17:53:05 BST 2002

From: "Dirk Koopman" <djk at tobit.co.uk>
> The URL is actually: http://gb7djk.dxcluster.org/mrtg/stats.html

Superb! You're the man Dirk.

Works for me, too. http://s50dxs.ods.org/mrtg/

In mrtg.cfg I would like to add option WithPeak[something]: ymw or at least
play with it to see the results. Is it OK to edit /spider/perl/Mrtg.pm or
should I try this another way. I think it is resonable to monitor the
maximum Weekly, Monthly and Yearly usage, not only the average.

Simon, S53ZO

Simon Ravnic, simon at hamradio.si

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