[Dxspider-support] JAVA Applet won't work

Ian J Maude ian at gb7mbc.net
Wed Aug 16 22:52:14 BST 2006

Frank Fleckenstein wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> i'm new here on this Mailing list. I want to change from CLX to
> DXSpider (DB0NOR-9).
> the new cluster is running, but i have problems to set up the java
> applet.. i can visit the page
> (http://db0nor.homeip.net/cgi-bin/spider.cgi)
> The Java Applet is going to load , and i have it on my screen, but
> then i'm not able to connect to the running Cluster (connect button),
> nothing happens.
> Can anybody help me ?
Hi Frank,
It's not something simple like you are trying to get to your hostname 
from an internal IP is it?


Ian J Maude G0VGS | Sysop GB7MBC DXCluster
K2 #4044

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