[Dxspider-support] Spider stall.

Rene Olsen rene_olsen at post3.tele.dk
Sun Oct 8 11:27:45 BST 2006


Today the spider at oz5bbs-7 decided to suddenly stall. I have seen it on one other occation, 
and there is absolutely no indication on the debug log, as to what is going on.

Running spider 1.52 build 61.521 (should be latest version) and perl 5.6.1.

The debug log looks like this:

1160298101^<- I SK3W-6 PC11^7060.0^IZ8DDP/P^08-Oct-2006^0904Z^DCI SA-
1160298101^PCPROT: Duplicate Spot ignored
1160298102^<- I N0VD PC11^7060.0^IZ8DDP/P^08-Oct-2006^0904Z^DCI SA-
1160298102^PCPROT: Duplicate Spot ignored
1160298102^<- I OZ2DXC PC11^7060.0^IZ8DDP/P^08-Oct-2006^0904Z^DCI SA-
1160298102^PCPROT: Duplicate Spot ignored
1160298102^<- I DB0SUE-7 PC11^7060.0^IZ8DDP/P^08-Oct-2006^0904Z^DCI SA-
1160298102^PCPROT: Duplicate Spot ignored
1160298102^-> D EI7SDX PC51^EI7SDX^OZ5BBS-7^1^
1160302409^DXSpider V1.52, build 61.521 started

I looked at least 200 lines back in the debug log, and don't see anything that could indicate 
the reason.

>From the log I can see that it was dead for almost 72 minutes, and there were nothing else 
to do than to kill the proccess and start it again. Couldn't log in and shut down the normal 

Any idea as to what this can be. It is the second time that this happens within a month I 

Vy 73 de Rene / OZ1LQH

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