[Dxspider-support] import script?

Ruben Navarro Huedo eb5esx at eb5esx.ampr.org
Mon Jan 1 20:36:29 CET 2007

Hello friends and happy 2007:
We want to do the same with our Spider.
At this moment we are doing it using scripts in expect.
The scripts connects to Spider like sysop and sends the DX.
I asked this some time ago, but i don't know another form to do it.

Could we do it better?

We are using it at www.dxfuncluster.com

Thank's a lot.

El 01/01/2007, a las 12:21, Dirk Koopman escribió:

> On Mon, 2007-01-01 at 09:10 +0000, gu6efb wrote:
>> What I would like to do is take information from a web form spots and
>> announcements then have them imported into the cluster.
> Unless something has changed, there are several nodes doing this  
> already
> (most famously K1TTT). Is there any particular reason why you need  
> to do
> this?

Rubén Navarro Huedo

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