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Mon Jan 1 23:33:13 CET 2007

On Mon, 1 Jan 2007, charlie carroll wrote:

> Hi Ted.  Happy New Year.  The us/ve database allows spots to be filtered
> by us states and canadian provinces.  Take a look at the various
> filtering manuals and tutorials to see how it is done.
> In addition, if you do a set/usstate as a user, your spots will then
> have either the us state or province appended at the end instead of the
>  zones.  Here's a few recent examples.
> DX de VY2RU:     18138.9  CO8LY        CQ                      2046Z PE
> DX de KE1F:      18122.0  6F75A        QRX FOR 3MIN            2042Z FL
> DX de NJ1F:      14184.2  ZS6BPA                               2048Z NY
> DX de VE6JY:      7075.0  ZS2CX        working JA              2048Z AB

Alright Charlie.  This looks good.  Those numbers that were there on my 
listings didn't really mean much to me.  And I am sure not to my users as 
well.  So - setting things up using the set statement really looks good.
And I bet I can help my users out by editing there filter files to make 
sure they see things this way?   I know they wouldn't  mind, and it will 
give them something new to look at..

Thanks again charlie for being there.  It is appreciate.d.

> 73 charlie, k1xx/4
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Ted Gervais
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia
Canada. (ve1drg)

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