[Dxspider-support] Two different Spider nodes on the same Linux PC

ik5zuk at tiscali.it ik5zuk at tiscali.it
Mon Jan 8 22:04:15 CET 2007

Thank you Dirk and Béla !

Dirk, ok for points 1, 2 and 3. I've created a new user, named sysop2, 
and I've installed the second spider into /home/sysop2/spider; now the 
problem is: how to make point 4. and 5. !
How can I modify the new root in the environment (where is the file?) 
? How can I modify the environment for the console.pl program ?

And now, the 2nd question: can I update the second spider node from 
the cvs, by doing "cvs update -d", as usual, into /home/sysop2/spider 

Thank you for your help Dirk, and sorry for the noise to the other 
guys... ;)

73's de Luigi, ik5zuk

>It is not hard, but it can be fiddly.
>1. copy the entire spider to another directory. 
>Then in the new directory (which, for the sake of argument I shall
>call /home/gb7tst).
>2. alter local/DXVars.pm so that $clusterport = 27755 (or some other
>number other than 27754).
>3. alter local/Listeners.pm to change the listening port from 7300 
>whatever you are using).
>4. start up the node with the new root in the environment, eg:
> DXCLUSTER_ROOT=/home/gb7tst /spider/perl/cluster.pl 
>5. If you use the console.pl program you will need to alter the
>environment for that as well (as well grepdbg and watchdbg if you use
>those). Creating some suitably named shell scripts such as 'newdx'
>containing something like (don't forget to 'chmod +x xxxx'):-
>exec DXSPIDER_ROOT=/home/gb7tst /home/gb7tst/perl/console.pl $@
>would help here (and similar for grepdbg and watchdbg).
>In /etc/inittab you will need something like:
>ts:2345:respawn:su -c "DXSPIDER_ROOT=/home/gb7tst perl 
/home/gb7tst/perl/cluster.pl > /dev/null 2>&1" spider
>If you have more than one external IP address then there are other
>possibilities of using the same port number (eg: 7300) but having one 
>address go to one node and the another IP address to the new one.  
>this requires setting up Listeners.pm correctly for both nodes (and
>stops you using localhost for one of them).
>If you want to run the same code base always then:-
>In /home/gb7tst:
>1. rm -rf perl cmd
>2. ln -s /spider/perl .
>3. ln -s /spider/cmd .
>That will at least keep the code the same. If prefixes and bands 
>then these will need to changed in each tree.
>Also don't forget that you will almost certainly want a
>different /home/gb7tst/local_cmd/crontab for each node :-)
>Have fun
>Dirk G1TLH

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