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ik5zuk at tiscali.it ik5zuk at tiscali.it
Thu May 3 18:37:43 CEST 2007

Hello all !
I'm trying to install and configure the MRTG to produce the web based 
statistic for the spider node.
My system is based on Fedora Core 5 and it comes out with installed by 
default the libpng, zlib and gd libraries during the OS installation.
As described on the spider web site, I've downloaded the latest MRTG 
version (mrtg-2.15.2.tar.gz) from the official web site ( http://oss.
oetiker.ch/mrtg/ ), compiled and installed as described into the 
documentation ->  mrtg-unix-guide.
After compilation and installation, I have finded MRTG in 
/usr/local/mrtg-2 folder.
After that, I've copyed all the files in /usr/local/src/mrtg-2.15.2
/images/ to /spider/html/mrtg/ folder, made the two symbolic links 

ln -s /usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/mrtg /usr/bin/mrtg
ln -s /usr/local/mrtg-2/lib/mrtg2 /usr/lib/mrtg2

I've logged in on my spider node and entered the "mrtg all" command.
Now is the problem: after logged in on my linux box with the sysop 
user, when I try to enter the "indexmaker --output stats.html --
columns=1 --title "MRTG statistics for IK5ZUK-6 Spider Node" ../..
/mrtg/mrtg.cfg" command, the system reply me with the following error 
-bash: indexmaker: command not found
[sysop at linux mrtg]$

Please, could someone tell me some hints to solve the problem ??

73's and TNX de Luigi, ik5zuk

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