[Dxspider-support] EChoning on the login page.

f8arr f8arr at f8arr.org
Mon May 7 16:23:38 CEST 2007

ok thanks for info.

Best regards
Guillaume F8ARR

Mike McCarthy, W1NR a écrit :
> f8arr wrote:
>> Ok thanks for reply.
>> I know this setting in putty but i'm worried about my end users that 
>> connect with putty.
>> It's quite strange that we have such comportment that is (not anormal) 
>> quite different has "classical" telnet server.
>> Most of telnet servers i connect to with putty i do not need to specify 
>> not echoing..
>> It come from the perl library ?
>> Best regards
>> Guillaume
> The problem is in the Perl library that handles Telnet.  It does not do
> negotiations properly.  Those "negotiations" which include delete and
> newline are not handled properly by Perl.
> Mike, W1NR
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