[Dxspider-support] Feature request

Gunnar Widell sm3sgp at kkn.net
Fri May 11 06:56:02 CEST 2007

Chat command is frequently used here in SM, mostly for VHF/UHF/SHF/MW, in
the MW chat group.

Another good feature would be to forward the announce or chat to all users
belonging to a specific dxcc country. Example: ann/sm Hej
Would be distributed to all users with a callsign belonging to dxcc
country Sweden. ( or chat/dxcc sm   ?). Even if they have not manually
chosen to join that group.

We also use chat group loggernet for inter connect between VHF logging
program "Logger". That group is filtered locally to not propagate through
the system, since we experienced some strange stuff a couple of years ago
with loops.


> Ian J Maude wrote:
>> Any chance of ann/group?  You could set up a group of nodes to announce
>> to.  For example, if I had to shutdown for whatever reason for a short
>> while, I could announce that fact to all my link nodes without sending
>> it all over the world.  You could also have ann/uk ann/usa etc?
> This is sort of possible already, in the sense that chat uses the
> generic mechanism that this would need. Distros are the other means of
> doing it. Not sure whether the announce cmd is currently good enough to
> send them, but I think it is.
> Dirk
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