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No matter what I type, all I get is 

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  Its in the manual



  Jim Snider schreef: 
On Sat, 2008-02-02 at 17:49 +0000, Dirk Koopman wrote:
  Jim Snider wrote:
    I'm running the N8OJ node here at my house and I use my iBookrunning
MacloggerDX to watch the spots and log my operations.  I'm trying to
understand how to set up the sysop command from my linux box so I can do
sysop commands down on my iBook from the telnet session.

      What is N8OJ running on?
Version 1.54 build 199
Fedora 8 Linux

  2. If you are on a local network then setup your sysop user with a 
password and you should get your sysop privileges retained when you 
login - but the password is sent in clear.

3. As two (i.e. set up a password) but logging in over radio, then you 
will have to use the 'sysop' command which works like a net/rom node 
login. You say sysop, the node returns five numbers, which are indexes 
of letters in your password string, you type in sysop <list of 
corresponding letters> in the correct order. The "clever" bit is that 
you can intersperse those letters with any other letters, it will let 
you in if it sees the five letters it asked for in the correct order 
somewhere in the string of letters that you return.

In DXVars.pm, node call is N8OJ and W8BS is the sysop.

If I do sysop from the mac, it returns a group of numbers but I don't
know what the password is.  Is there someplace I can view it, or
how can I set it?



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