[Dxspider-support] Info about AGWConnect.pl file

Manos Darkadakis sv1iw_home at raag.org
Tue Feb 5 16:40:50 GMT 2008

Dirk this can be easily arranged, my AGWPE is available through the
Internet, so anytime you wish to give it a try let me know and I will give
you proper directions. I will also try to connect locally with AX-25 packet
and therefore we will only have two options, connect as expected or crash
the spider with the messages on your screen.

My spider is build 0.195 and AGWPE is Ver 2004.703. If I understand well we
have a newer version 0.199 which I will try and report back. I can also
arrange with George (SV2AGW)  if you need the latest version of the Engine
for test...


Manos G. Darkadakis SV1IW
Radio Amateur association of Greece

celphone 6974-914725
e-mail: sv1iw at raag.org

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Manos Darkadakis wrote:
> Dirk the problem Luigi reports is exactly the same problem I am having
> with AGW engine. The message maybe a warning but the cluster software
> breaks and exits when the user connects at the packet side of AGW.
> Here is what happens at my dx spider and all messages, warnings it
> brings on screen upon exit:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------
> -----------------------
>  -> D SZ1SV PC19^1^ZS0DLD-1^0^5452^H25^ Use of uninitialized value in
> ref-to-glob cast at /spider/perl/Msg.pm line 465. at ./cluster.pl line
> 514 Bad symbol for filehandle at
> /spider/perl/Msg.pm line 465.        require 0 called at
> line 465        Msg::nolinger('AGWMsg=HASH(0x8b905c8)',
> 'AGWMsg=HASH(0x8b905c8)', 'AGWMsg=HASH(0x8b905c8)') called at
> /spider/perl/ExtMsg.pm line 154

This message "should" no longer happen. This was fixed in build 0.199.
However, that does not mean that the underlying problem (which I don't
understand and have no means of testing without access to the same release
of AGW software, as Manos is running, over the internet).


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