[Dxspider-support] Updated list of Telnet DX Cluster nodes - 10 February 2008

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Mon Feb 11 02:03:25 GMT 2008

I updated the list of DX Telnet nodes on 10 February 2008.  The list can
be found at:


These files were also updated:


These are the changes since the last release on 12 January 2008:

*** I tried to add software versions for as many nodes as I could 
connect to.  If your node does not have the software version listed, 
please let me know what it is.

   CS6ARC-10     Added DX Spider node
   EA5URA        Added AR-Cluster node
   EA5URA-5      Added DX Spider node
   ED3ZAG        Deleted DX Spider node
   ED3ZAG-5      Changed IP address to ed3zag.no-ip.com:8000
   ED3ZAG-8      Changed IP address to ed3zag.no-ip.com:41112
   F6BVP-2       Added DX Spider node
   F6BVP-3       Changed IP address to f6bvp.org:9000 (off-line)
   GB7TDX        Added SysOp E-mail baxter_allen at yahoo.co.uk
   GB7TDX        Added state Bedfordshire
   GB7TDX        Changed IP address to gb7tdx.ath.cx:7300
   GB7TDX        Changed SysOp to Alan G0GTM
   IK6IHL-6      Changed IP address to ham.ik6ihl.org:40112
   IK6TJX-6      Changed IP address to ham.ik6ihl.org:9000
   IK7MCJ-6      Added home page http://www.qsl.net/ik7mcj/
   IK7UXW-6      Added DX Spider node
   K0MN          Added AR-Cluster node
   K4UGA         Changed software to DX Spider (was K4UGA-2)
   K4UGA-2       Deleted DX Spider node (now K4UGA)
   K5UTD         Changed IP address to cluster.k5utd.org (off-line)
   KB2SYD-5      Added DX Spider node
   KB9KKN        Deleted DX Spider node (now NE9DX)
   KP4JRS        Changed home page to http://www.kp4jrs.com/
   KS4Q          Changed software to CC Cluster (was AR-Cluster)
   KS4Q-1        Deleted CC Cluster node (now KS4Q)
   N3ME          Added AR-Cluster node
   N4ZKF         Added home page http://www.n4zkf.com/
   NC7J          Added home page http://www.nc7j.com/
   NC7J          Added note Utah Contesting Club
   NC7J          Changed IP address to dxc.nc7j.com
   NC7J          Changed software to AR-Cluster
   NC7J          Changed web access to http://www.nc7j.com/
   NE9DX         Added DX Spider node (was KB9KKN)
   PA6NL-1       Added home page http://www.pa6.nl/
   RN6BN-1       Deleted DX Spider node
   RX4HW         Added RF port(s) 144.625
   SR4DXC        Deleted CLX node
   WC4J          Added AR-Cluster node
   WR3L          Added RF port(s) 145.610/440.950

This is the list of node types in this release:

         268     DX Spider
         101     AR-Cluster
          19     CLX
          16     CC Cluster
          38     DxNet
           5     WinCluster
           4     Other

Many thanks to everyone for helping to keep this list up-to-date.

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert AD1C/0, <jjreisert at alum.mit.edu>, http://www.ad1c.us

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