[Dxspider-support] disconnect issue

Wilson, Jack jackw at brescia.edu
Wed Feb 13 14:47:39 GMT 2008

Good morning fellow sysops, 


I have more info on my disconnect issue. 


Here is the status screen

K4UGA-9 NODE DXSP 12-Feb-2008 2019Z            999.00


I have set/spider k4uga-9 and he has set/spider k4sac-1 


I am running DXSpider V1.54 build 0.205 on a windows XP SP2 machine

He is running DXSpider Version: 1.52 Build: 61.514 on a fedora machine I


The connect/disconnect cycle goes 15 minutes connected, disconnect, 5
minutes off, reconnect for 15 minutes, etc.  Went on for hours like
that, 15,5,15,5,15,5.

I have a crontab set to check for a connection every 5 minutes and to
reconnect if not connected, so that part makes sense. 


Why is it disconnecting after 15 minutes? I am assuming a PC39 is a
disconnect frame? 


20:34:13 -> D K4UGA-9 PC19^1^N1OFZ-5^0^5454^H25^
20:34:14 <- I K4UGA-9 PC19^1^N1OFZ-5^0^5454^H24^
20:34:15 -> D K4UGA-9 PC16^HB9IAC-8^HB9IIY - 1^H25^
20:34:15 -> D K4UGA-9 PC17^LA2PA^SM4ONW-14^H25^
20:34:16 -> D K4UGA-9 PC17^SP6RGB^OK0DXH^H25^
20:34:16 -> D K4UGA-9 PC17^IT9CTO^IT9OBK-6^H25^
20:34:21 -> D K4UGA-9 PC39^K4SAC-1^Disconnected by System Op^H30^
20:34:32 -> D IK5YZW-6 PC92^K4SAC-1^74061^D^^5K4UGA-9^H99^
20:34:32 -> D N2KI PC92^K4SAC-1^74061^D^^5K4UGA-9^H99^
20:34:32 DXChannel K4UGA-9 destroyed (6)


Why is it showing up as system op disconnecting? Bill isn't doing a
manual disconnect. 


I am seeing a RTS time of 999 as shown above. Both Bill and I have done
a set/spider on each others cluster so that shouldn't be the issue. 


Anyone willing to take a stab at whats happening? Or give me something
to look at to try to figure this out? 


FYI I am hooked to 2 other dxspider clusters and both of those are
working fine w/o disconnects. 




Jack K4SAC 


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