[Dxspider-support] DX Cluster filter syntax

GU6EFB gu6efb at cwgsy.net
Sat Feb 16 15:43:09 GMT 2008

I do have one question which I don't and don't understand what is happening
with the filter I have read the filter guide and I think I have things set

Any help would be much appreciated

GU6EFB : spots
 filter0 accept freq 14000/14060
 filter1 accept call k,w,n,a
GU6EFB de GB7DXG-1 16-Feb-2008 1508Z 2.3365  dxspider >
DX de WB0RUR:    14040.0  V31UZ                              1508Z
DX de K1TTT:     21032.2  KP2M                               1506Z FN32

GU6EFB : spots
 filter1 accept call k,w,n,a
GU6EFB de GB7DXG-1 16-Feb-2008 1512Z 2.3365  dxspider >
DX de S55A:      14065.0  W1CSM                               1513Z
DX de IO4T:      21006.7  W2FU                                1513Z JN54
DX de LY6A:      14048.0  W3PP                                1512Z
DX de TM6M:      21001.1  K3LR                                1513Z
DX de UA6AA:     14004.1  W2CG                                1513Z KN95
DX de LY6A:      14048.3  K1KP                                1512Z

GU6EFB : spots
 filter0 accept freq 14000/14060
GU6EFB de GB7DXG-1 16-Feb-2008 1516Z 2.3365  dxspider >
DX de K2ONP:     14039.4  SV6CZQ                         1516Z FN32
DX de K9IMM:     14033.2  DL1YD                          1516Z EN52
DX de UA6AA:     14004.9  K1TTT                          1516Z KN95
DX de W0RSR:     14047.1  LY8O                           1516Z

If I have just one filter filtering frequency then that works fine and I
get my 20m CW nicely. 
If I have just "accept/spot call k,w,n,a" then I get all the American
traffic which is fine too.

But if I combine the two together as listed above, the filter seems to
do a wobbly neither of the traffic is filtered as you can above taken
from the cluster.


Keith GU6EFB sysop GB7DXG-1

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