[Dxspider-support] Spider crash

Danilo Brelih danilo.brelih at siol.net
Mon Feb 18 18:59:01 GMT 2008


One of our users crashed our spider with commands for his TNC sending
them to the cluster ! I <call> for his call and M USIC for ax25 traffic
monitoring and %1B for ESC command !?
I hope it can be fixed in next spider build.

CUL Dan, S50U
running DXSpider V1.54 build 0.205

1203354203^<- I S59Z %1Bi s59z
1203354203^-> D S59Z Not Allowed
1203354203^-> D S59Z S59Z de S50CLX 18-Feb-2008 1703Z dxspider >


1203354212^-> D N6WS-6 
1203354212^<- I S50DXS 
1203354213^<- I S59Z %1Bm usic
1203354213^Use of inherited AUTOLOAD for non-method 
DXCommandmode::cmd_mailattach() is deprecated at 
/spider/perl/DXCommandmode.pm line 539, <GEN473859> line 2706.
1203354213^ at /spider/perl/DXCommandmode.pm line 539
1203354213^Non-existant field 'DXCommandmode::cmd_mailattach' at 
/spider/perl/DXChannel.pm line 726
1203354213^DXChannel S50U destroyed (39)
1203354213^DXChannel S51DX destroyed (38)
1203354213^DXChannel S58N destroyed (37)
1203354213^DXChannel DL5MEV destroyed (36)
1203354213^DXChannel S51DV destroyed (35)
1203354213^DXChannel EC7AFO destroyed (34)
1203354213^DXChannel SP9MKX destroyed (33)


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