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Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Tue Jan 1 20:21:17 GMT 2008


Please post the first 10 seconds or so of data after you have connected 
(upto any PC22 that you may see).

If you are connecting to a modern DXSpider node you will see something 
like this (GB7TLH is connecting to GB7DJK) :-

-> D G1TLH-2 connection to GB7DJK started
-> D G1TLH-2 G1TLH-2 de GB7TLH  1-Jan-2008 2013Z dxspider >
DXChannel GB7DJK created (3)
<- O GB7DJK telnet
-> B GB7DJK 0
-> E GB7DJK 0
GB7DJK channel func  state 0 -> init
-> D G1TLH-2 Node GB7DJK has logged in
<- I GB7DJK PC18^DXSpider Version: 1.54 Build: 0.194 pc9x^5454^
GB7DJK channel func  state init -> init
DXSpider version 1.54 build 0.194
Do px9x set on GB7DJK
send_local_config: doing pc9x
-> D GB7DJK PC92^GB7TLH^72823^A^^5GB7DJK^H99^
-> D GB7DJK PC92^GB7TLH^72823.01^K^5GB7TLH:5454:0.195^1^1^H99^
-> D GB7DJK PC20^
<- I GB7DJK PC92^GB7DJK^72823^A^^5GB7TLH^H99^
GB7DJK channel func  state init -> init92
Do pc9x set on GB7DJK
<- I GB7DJK PC92^GB7DJK^72823.01^K^5GB7DJK:5454:0.194^15^41^H99^
<- I GB7DJK PC22^
GB7DJK channel func  state init92 -> normal

The important things to note are (first for outgoing messages):-

-> D GB7DJK PC92^GB7TLH^72823.01^K^5GB7TLH:5454:0.195^1^1^H99^
             This callsign is your NODE callsign ($mycall)
             or at least the one you are expecting

and (for incoming)

<- I GB7DJK PC92^GB7DJK^72823.01^K^5GB7DJK:5454:0.194^15^41^H99^
        ^            ^
        |            |
        |    This is the callsign of the node you are connecting
        |    to AND
      is the same as this callsign

Does that make sense? It's a bit confusing...


Bill English wrote:
> Hmm interesting Charlie, 
> What about if you know that's been done? Is there anything else that could
> be the cause?  I am 99.9% sure the other node has that done correctly, I am
> getting spots correctly, just randomly being disconnected, sometimes I am
> connected for a fairly long time (over  a half hour) other times it's just a
> few minutes, never has there been a lack of activity, 
> Thanks for the reply Charlie
> Bill
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> Bill:
> This is generally caused because one of the 2 nodes connected together 
> does not have the other set as DXSpider.  For example, if I'm connected 
> to k1ea, I have to do a set/spider k1ea.  At his end, he has to do a 
> set/spider k1xx.  When you see 999 it means the tcp/ip connection is 
> made, but the protocol initialization has not completed.
> 73 charlie, k1xx
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