[Dxspider-support] More on Dx-Spider shutting down ...

Richard dick at zs6ro.co.za
Sun Jan 6 19:35:31 GMT 2008

It was about 13 - 14:00 utc when I tried reading bulletins and getting the
cluster to shutdown .. I have the DX-Spider installed so that if it shuts
down it will automatically try and start up again ...

I can run commands like  SH/X  etc with no problem ..

Since 18:00 utc I see that my cluster is shutting down and starting up again
 every few minutes .. (Its almost fibrillating!) ...

I suspect that this because I am running the latest build (196) which I
updated about 11:00 utc today ...

Have a look at the graphs of my statistics to get and idea of what I am
talking about .. http://www.zs6ro.co.za/wiki/index.php5/DXCluster_statistics

Can someone shed some light on this problem please ??

73, Dick ZS6RO
DX-Cluster ZS6RO-1
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