[Dxspider-support] DX-Spider shutting down ...

Richard dick at zs6ro.co.za
Mon Jan 7 05:43:27 GMT 2008


Thanks for the response ...

The cluster node seems to be behaving itself since I rebooted the Linux box
last night ... The graphs show that the system did not shutdown ...
http://www.zs6ro.co.za/wiki/index.php5/DXCluster_statistics  ... 

As a matter of interest, some of the BIG breaks in the graphs are due to our
220 VAC power shedding where large areas were without AC power for hours ..
Small UPS's cannot cope with these  ' l o n g'  breaks !!! ... I do have a
petrol 2.5kW generator but only use it in dire straits !!!

I digress - I'm wondering if something in the DX-Cluster got rebuilt when I
rebooted ???

Normally I haven't had any problems with my Node (ZS6RO-1) - it just works
!! (even when I fiddle!)  .. But sometimes there is something odd which I
can't put my finger on, and then I try a call for help ...

Thanks for listening to my ramblings <sigh> ...

73, Dick ZS6RO
Node ZS6RO-1
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