[Dxspider-support] IP of spotter needed

Lee Sawkins ve7cc at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 9 06:44:59 GMT 2008

Is it minding other people's business to find out who is behind the
bogus spots?

Here is one for you to solve.  Who is behind all the bogus "ST1PID"
spots that come from the PA1NL-1 cluster?  Is it the same person who
changes people's real names to "selfspotter"?  Or is that one coming
from another Spider cluster?

And who is using W2IRT's call on the YV5KXE Spider cluster to put out
bogus spots?  The real W2IRT would like to know.


Dirk Koopman wrote:
> Yes, it would be nice.
> For all those people that wish to mind other people's business.
> There was far, *far* too much of that here in the UK all those (10)
> years ago when I started to write this stuff and, can I say, one of the
> specific design considerations was to control precisely whom could see
> the logs.
> So no. Sorry. It ain't going to happen. If someone wants to enable it
> and is prepared to maintain a show/log command locally, it would be very
> easy to do.
> Equally, it would be easy for me to add a flag to override the default
> restrictions. However, it would *always* default to off and, experience
> shows, not many people would enable this (or indeed anything else
> optional).
> There are also a number of security/privacy concerns which rear their
> heads when this sort of info is made generally available.
> If someone has a genuine problem they can shout on here and we will help
> (if we can) but even with a general access sh/log  command it would not
> have helped in this case.
> Dirk

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