[Dxspider-support] WX Announcements

Dave Hawes dave.n3rd at verizon.net
Sat Jan 12 00:58:13 GMT 2008

Some, but not all, users of the K3WW DX Spider node are receiving WX 
announcements, such as this one:

	WX de K1TTT-6: t-storms now into ema and probably s.nh, lots of 
	lightning in s.ny and nj this morning

SH/WX returns "not implemented yet"

However, UNSET/WX returns "WX disabled for N3RD."

The K3WW node is recent vintage:  Build 0.197 on Linux.

Can anyone shed any light on the issue of WX announcements, 
specifically how to turn them off.  The particular user did do an 
unset/wx, but it was ineffective.


Dave N3RD

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