[Dxspider-support] Route Filtering Problems

Dave Hawes dave.n3rd at verizon.net
Mon Jan 14 00:43:50 GMT 2008

I am trying to set up route filtering, with little success, on a new 

New node:  WT3Q, Windows, perl 5.8.8., build 0.197
Node partner:  K3WW, Windows, build 0.197 on Linux

I have privileges on both nodes.

On K3WW, I try to set a route filter:

acc/route wt3q call_dxcc w (Only send USA node info)

It doesn't work.  All worldwide node info is sent from K3WW to WT3Q.

On WT3Q, I try to set an input filter:

rej/route k3ww input not call_dxcc w

Again, it doesn't work.  All worldwide node info is accepted at WT3Q 
from K3WW.

What am I doing wrong?

Help appreciated.

73 - Dave N3RD

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