[Dxspider-support] Spider crash when node unset while connected?

John Buttery john.buttery at btinternet.com
Fri May 9 17:09:02 BST 2008

Hi All

>From the snippet of debug file that I have attached, I can only assume that
someone used a RCMD to 'unset/node GB7CGL-1' (maybe Eric) while GB7CGL-1 was
connected to GB7WDX.  This seems to have crashed GB7WDX and then given a lot
of 'invalid characters' when GB7CGL-1 reconnected as a user.

Maybe the unset/node command needs to check if the node is connected at the
time, and disconnect it cleanly first, before changing the status of the
node.  This is assuming that it doesn't already check, as I haven't gone
into the code yet.

1210327449^cluster^DXSpider V1.55, build 0.3 ended
1210327456^cluster^DXSpider V1.55, build 0.4 started
1210327460^DXProt^GB7DJK connected from gb7djk.dxcluster.net
1210327466^DXCommand^G7OPJ connected from
1210327473^msg^msg 6433 from GB7DXC to G7OPJ stored
1210327662^DXProt^GB7RDX-1 connected from
1210327921^DXProt^GB7CGL-1 connected from
1210328046^ann^ALL^F1CGN^TO I0KNQ: Are you stand by agn on 29600 FM ?
1210328521^ann^ALL^HG8PRC^telnet://hg8lxl.ham.hu:8000 (HG8PRC DXCluster)
1210328641^ann^ALL^HG8PRC^http://hg8lxl.ham.hu/cgi-bin/spider.cgi (HG8PRC
1210328680^cluster^DXSpider V1.55, build 0.4 started
1210328682^DXProt^GB7DJK connected from gb7djk.dxcluster.net
1210328862^DXProt^GB7RDX-1 connected from
1210328955^ann^ALL^DK4WF^To HB9EHJ: Hej Bodo, E-mail z.Z. ueber
DM5DM at DARC.DE 73! Ben
1210329048^ann^ALL^IK7FPV^cq on 50230 fm jn80pm
1210329121^DXCommand^GB7CGL-1 connected from
1210329121^DXCommand^cmd: invalid characters in 'PC50^GB7CGL^9^H97^'
1210329123^DXCommand^cmd: invalid characters in 'PC16^K8SMC^WD8ANZ'
1210329126^DXCommand^cmd: invalid characters in 'PC16^K1RK^WA8WV'
1210329126^DXCommand^cmd: invalid characters in

Best wishes

John, G7OPJ, SysOp GB7WDX.

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