[Dxspider-support] Rebuild Help

Anthony(N2KI) n2ki at amsat.org
Wed May 21 12:03:01 BST 2008


Last night I got the new system going however it's not on line yet.  What I
found out was not all the files in \spider\data\ can be copied from one
system to the next; or at least is was not working in my case.  The only
file that seemed to be an issue was the "users" file as you can see in the
error below.  I ended up issuing a "perl create_sysop.pl" then subsequently
dragging over files from the "data" file.  

I am not sure which "users" is referring to.  Are these the nodes that
connect to me as a feed for spots or just users of the system? How critical
is not rebuilding that file?  Now that I have a quasi running system, should
I drag over a users file from the previous spider tree (v1.54 0.7) and issue
PERL user_asc?  I am certain that the file I originally copied over was
erased by the "perl create_sysop.pl" command. I also issued a set/spider for
each of the nodes that connect to me for spots.

At present the original system which I rolled back from (PERL v 5.6.1) 1.55
0.7 to 1.54 0.216 is running with intermittent outages.  As soon as I
address this "users" file I will bring the new build on line (Perl V Spider V 1.55 0.7). Thank you. 

Ps. I still have not put my finger on the gremlin causing the outages, but
when I do I'm going to squeeze it like a grape!
Anthony - N2KI
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Anthony(N2KI) wrote:
> I am trying to rebuild the N2KI Node due to system failure.  I install 
> Active PERL and the associated PPM files.  When I attempt to 
> start the node it shuts down almost immediately.  Checking the debug 
> file yields the following.
> 1211330260^cluster
> 1211330260^DXSpider V1.55, build 0.9 started
> 1211330260^Copyright (c) 1998-2008 Dirk Koopman G1TLH
> 1211330260^loading prefixes ...
> 1211330260^US Database not loaded
> 1211330260^loading band data ...
> 1211330260^loading user file system ...
> 1211330260^can't open user file: /spider/data/users (No such file or 
> directory) [rebuild it from user_asc?] at /spider/perl/DXUser.pm line 145

cd \spider\data
perl user_asc

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