[Dxspider-support] Crash

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Mon May 26 21:04:33 BST 2008

Ian J Maude wrote:
> Hi all,
> Latest and greatest version with perl 5.8.6.  Looks like it could be 
> happening from a request from a cron or something?  It has happened for 
> a couple of nights now...
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> 1211766214^-> D GB7NHT PC92^EA4URE-5^6103^A^^1EA5AX^H96^
> 1211766214^-> D ZS6RO-1 PC92^EA4URE-5^6103^A^^1EA5AX^H96^
> 1211766214^<- I GB7NHR PC51^ED3ZAG-8^GB7NHR^1^
> 1211766214^Deep recursion on subroutine "Route::findroutes" at 
> /spider/perl/Rout
> e.pm line 318.

Hm... Wonder why this is happening all of a sudden (or indeed how). 
Anyway, I have limited the depth of recursion that this can go to 20. I 
can't (at the moment) see why one would ever need to go this deep.

I have also incorporated CTY-1804 as well.


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