[Dxspider-support] DXSpider to MySQL

Bela Markus ha5di at freemail.hu
Tue May 27 07:48:13 BST 2008

Hi Stanley,

it depends on your application. I have a PYTHON script which is reading 
the *.dat files in /spider/data/spots and converts them to a MySQL 
database. It is not real time, used to analyse historical spots.

I used in the past an add-on to SPider to do it in realtime, but SPIDER 
did not pass locally entered spots only those received from other nodes, 
so I dropped it.

At the moment I'm using a daemon (ALEX) which is independent of the 
Spider. It talks a DXCLUSTER protocol and can be connected by the 'real' 
cluster. This daemon is looking for Es spots and alerts local users via 
email mailing lists and SMS gateway when a DX propagation conditions 
appear on 50/70/144 MHz. While it is not using SQL this can be done if 
there is any interest as it was a plan from the beginning.

Let me know if anybody is interested.

Regards... Béla

Stanley Grixti írta:
> Hi All,
> I been been looking around the web to find a script that writes 
> DXSpider spots directly into MySQL for further  processing...(custom 
> web cluster ect...)
> I couldn't really find anything...so I have written a small script
> if anyone is interested in it please email me direct and I'll send you 
> it with instructions on how to use it
> 73's
> Stanley 9H1LO
> www.9h1lo.net
> 9H1LO-1 telnet://dx.9h1lo.net:7300
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