[Dxspider-support] Debugging Connection Problems

Dirk Koopman G1TLH gb7tlh at dxcluster.org
Wed Nov 12 12:05:37 GMT 2008

Roger Martin wrote:
> Dirk
> Okay I found the debug folder and am including the error text out of it. We
> did get my node connection to VE7CC-1 and PA4JJ-1 fixed. It turned out to be
> the connection script filenames were ve7cc and pa4jj instead of -1 on the
> end. I had run a set/spider to the call and a set/spider to the call-1 and
> that got it working. Then Lee VE7CC looked at my connection scripts and
> crontab files and told me what to change and that made it work correctly.
> Here is the debug data:
> 1226419766^DXCommand
> 1226419766^cmd: invalid characters in 'PC16^GB7DXC^G0WFK'
> 1226419766^-> D PA4JJ Invalid command
> 1226419766^-> D PA4JJ PA4JJ de K5RLM-2 11-Nov-2008 1609Z dxspider >
> 1226419767^<- I WR3D PC92^K3NC^58074^A^^1WA8ZDL^H95^
> 1226419767^-> D W1NR PC92^K3NC^58074^A^^1WA8ZDL^H94^
> 1226419767^<- I W1NR PC92^K3NC^58074^A^^1WA8ZDL^H94^
> 1226419767^<- I PA4JJ PC16^K3NC^WA8ZDL - 1^H25^
> 1226419767^DXCommand
> 1226419767^cmd: invalid characters in 'PC16^K3NC^WA8ZDL'
> 1226419767^-> D PA4JJ Invalid command

So based on the examples that I gave earlier, the problem was that PA4JJ 
had you as node (he is sending you PC protocol) but you did not have him 
(you are rejecting it as invalid and sending him user prompts). You were 
treating him as a user.

So doing a set/spider PA4JJ will allow you to use PA4JJ (not -1) as 
well/instead of PA4JJ-1, should you want/need to.

Dirk G1TLH

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