[Dxspider-support] [BGSpam] Bug with SH/HEADING ?

PA4JJ pa4jj at pa4jj.nl
Wed Nov 19 19:55:41 GMT 2008

When I do a sh/sta ad1c on my node I receive your details as well

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Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2008 8:45 PM
Subject: [BGSpam][Dxspider-support] Bug with SH/HEADING ?

I logged into N8NM's cluster.  He's running DXSpider V1.55 build 0.31

I have never done a SET/QTH or SET/QRA on this node.  But apparently
it knows where I am because the SH/STA information is correct:

AD1C-4 de N8NM 19-Nov-2008 1942Z dxspider >
sh/sta ad1c
User         : AD1C (at W0MU-1)
Name         : Jim Reisert
Last connect : 22-Jun-2007 1841Z
QTH          : Brighton, CO
Location     : 39 58 N 104 52 W (DM79NX)
Heading      : 269 Deg. 1136 Mi. 1828 Km.
Home Node    : W0MU-1
AD1C-4 de N8NM 19-Nov-2008 1942Z dxspider >

It must have received this information from another node.

What's curious is the output of the SH/H[eading] command on this node:

sh/h k
Using N8NM Coords, consider doing a set/location or set/qra
K  United-States-K: 282 degs - dist: 243 mi, 391 km Reciprocal heading: 99 
AD1C-4 de N8NM 19-Nov-2008 1942Z dxspider >

If SH/STA has my info, why does the node respond with "Using N8NM
Coords, consider doing a set/location or set/qra"?

Based on the responses I'm getting from the SH/H command, it really
*is* using my coordinates, and not the N8NM coordinates as shown.
This is borne out from the output of another SH/STA command:

sh/sta n8nm
User         : N8NM (at N8NM)
Name         : Steve
Last connect : 18-Jun-2007 1802Z
QTH          : Waterford, MI
Location     : 42 38 N 83 22 W (EN82HP)
Heading      : 333 Deg. 20 Mi. 32 Km.
Home Node    : N8NM
AD1C-4 de N8NM 19-Nov-2008 1944Z dxspider >

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert AD1C/Ø, <jjreisert at alum.mit.edu>, http://www.ad1c.us

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