[Dxspider-support] Filter Problem (Solved)

Ed w3nr at comcast.net
Wed Nov 5 22:44:15 GMT 2008

I decided to start a new thread as some may have missed my question on 
setting user filters.

Keep in mind that I have not had a need to set user filters in spider 
for at least 8 years or so.....

I set a reject for uhf/vhf and was using "dxcc_call 226,197" in the 
accept. Well I sat down this afternoon and studied the filtering manual. 
Again RTFM shows me the way....changed the accept to  "by dxcc_call 
226,197" and all is well.

I guess age is starting to catch up with me....I tend to overlook some 
tidbit here and there every once in a while...

Thanks ....73


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