[Dxspider-support] CTY-1809 Contest Country Files - 01 October 2008

Anthony(N2KI) n2ki at amsat.org
Fri Oct 3 00:34:04 BST 2008

What file folder does one find maxconnect values in?



These are now incorporated into CVS/git.

I have also (finally) added a mod that will limit the number of 
connections users and nodes are allowed to already have when they try to 
connect to you. This is fairly crude and is only checked on *incoming* 

I have arbitrarily chosen the max no of connections for users to be 3 
and for nodes to be 8.

What this means for sysops is that if an incoming user connection is 
made and he already has 3 or more connections, it will be refused and a 
message displayed to the user. The same is true for incoming node 
connections except that the incoming node can have up 7 connections 
already (i.e. a maximum of 8). Outgoing connections are not affected or 

Sysops can disable this behaviour by setting $main::maxconnect_user 
and/or $main::maxconnect_node to 0 else set either value to anything 
they like.

Dirk G1TLH

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