[Dxspider-support] Node disconnects

Bob Nielsen n7xy at clearwire.net
Sat Oct 18 17:39:16 BST 2008

Thanks for the info Dirk. I needed to change it anyway since I also  
use that computer for logging in GMT/UTC.

Bob, N7XY

On Oct 18, 2008, at 9:25 AM, Dirk Koopman G1TLH wrote:

> Bob Nielsen wrote:
>> Yes Iain, that was my first thought and it was initially set to  
>> the local time, but I  corrected that and the disconnects still  
>> occurred.  Ubuntu doesn't have an installation option to set the  
>> clock to UTC and they no longer supply the tzconfig program.  You  
>> now need to make a symlink to /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC for both / 
>> etc/timezone and /etc/localtime (I couldn't find that in any of  
>> the Ubuntu documentation, but Google came through).
> As far as I can tell, Ubuntu stores its time in UTC. At any rate,  
> it just works for me.
> To set the timezone the debian/ubuntu way do:-
>  sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
> and answer the questions to set your timezone to your local one. I  
> have mine set thusly:
>  Current default timezone: 'Europe/London'
>  Local time is now:      Sat Oct 18 17:18:49 BST 2008.
>  Universal Time is now:  Sat Oct 18 16:18:49 UTC 2008.
> DXSpider always uses the gmtime() function (rather than localtime 
> ()) so that UTC is always displayed, regardless of which timezone  
> you have set your computer in. This is assuming that you have set  
> the correct time (and/or are running ntpd [sudo apt-get install  
> ntp]) for your timezone.
> And yes, having another node still active with the same callsign  
> will cause your node to disconnect and reconnect later.
> Dirk
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