[Dxspider-support] Updated list of DX Cluster Telnet nodes - 21 October 2008

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Wed Oct 22 06:12:52 BST 2008

I updated the list of DX Cluster Telnet nodes on 22 October 2008.
The list can be found at:


These files were also updated:


These are the changes since the last release on 08 September 2008:

  CT1ENQ-5      Added AR-Cluster node
  CT2GWY-5      Deleted DX Spider node
  DB0ABH-15     Deleted AR-Cluster node
  EA1URP-5      Added AR-Cluster node
  EA4RCH-5      Added DX Spider node
  EA5CW-5       Added DX Spider node
  EA5RKV-5      Deleted DxNet node
  EA5URA        Changed state to Alicante
  EA5URA-5      Changed state to Alicante
  EA5URV-5      Deleted DX Spider node
  EA7URP-5      Changed DX Spider version to 1.55
  EA7URP-5      Changed RF port(s) to 144.900/430.700/438.300
  EA8URL-5      Deleted DX Spider node
  F4BWT-3       Added DxNet node
  IK7UXW-6      Added home page http://www.qso.it/
  IK7UXW-6      Added note Home Page
  IK7UXW-6      Added state PU
  IK7UXW-6      Changed DX Spider version to 1.55
  IK7UXW-6      Changed RF port(s) to 430.6
  IK7UXW-6      Changed SysOp E-mail to p.pristipino at virgilio.it
  IQ2GM-6       Added DX Spider node
  IQ3GO-6       Added DX Spider node
  IT9ABY-6      Deleted AR-Cluster node
  IT9HZC-9      Deleted DX Spider node
  IT9LCP-6      Deleted DX Spider node
  IT9WDY-6      Added RF port(s) 144.7
  IT9WDY-6      Added grid locator JM77pb
  IT9WDY-6      Added home page http://www.arisiracusa.it/
  IV3SCP-6      Deleted DX Spider node
  JA3QGI-4      Deleted DxNet node
  K6NP          Deleted AR-Cluster node
  K7SDX         Changed SysOp E-mail to wa1pma at gmail.com
  K7SDX         Changed SysOp to Wayne WA1PMA
  K7SDX         Changed city to Newman Lake
  K7SDX         Changed grid locator to DN17lq
  K7SDX         Removed RF port(s) 144.93
  K9BBS-5       Added RF port(s) 145.05
  K9BBS-5       Changed AR-Cluster version to 4.4.25
  K9BBS-5       Changed IP address to w9bbs.no-ip.org:3604
  K9USA         Changed grid locator to EM68sr
  NE9DX         Deleted DX Spider node
  OH5RBI        Changed IP address to
  OZ7DXC        Deleted DxNet node
  P43L-8        Changed IP address to p43l.serveftp.org:7300
  SK4BX-7       Deleted DX Spider node
  SL2ZA-6       Deleted DX Spider node
  SM5XGP-6      Deleted DX Spider node
  VE2FDA-3      Deleted DxNet node
  W1UJ          Added DX Spider node
  W2GSB         Changed IP address to
  W3NR          Added DX Spider node
  WA8DX         at address wa8dx.servebeer.com:7300 is off-line
  WB0YRQ-7      Deleted DX Spider node
  WT6G          Deleted AR-Cluster node
  XE2AU         Deleted AR-Cluster node

This is the list of node types in this release:

        273     DX Spider
        112     AR-Cluster
         15     CLX
         15     CC Cluster
         32     DxNet
          2     WinCluster
          2     AK1A

Many thanks to everyone for helping to keep this list up-to-date.

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert AD1C/0, <jjreisert at alum.mit.edu>, http://www.ad1c.us

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