[Dxspider-support] US Database.

Tom wb8zrl at inavia.net
Thu Oct 23 15:53:49 BST 2008

On Wednesday 22 October 2008 23:38, Ed wrote:
> I'm stuck. I keep getting "cannot find tmp/usdbraw.gz" I have it not
> only in /home but also /spider/perl.
> I used the syntax from the web page, but I'm having no luck at all.
> Ed W3NR


I think   tmp/usdbraw.gz   was an example and Dirk had placed the file 
there.  You need to point create_usdb.pl to where you have usdbraw.

My experience is that you must unzip the file first.    
      gunzip usdbraw.gz
then run create_usdb.pl

if you have usdbraw.gz in the sysop home directory:

cd /home/sysop
gunzip usdbraw.gz
/spider/perl/create_usdb.pl usdbraw

then load usdb           

Note that both gunzip and create_usdb.pl delete their input files, so if 
you want to keep a backup copy, do it before you gunzip it.

               gl      Tom    WB8ZRL

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