[Dxspider-support] spybots

Ed autek2 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 23:41:35 GMT 2008

Mike McCarthy, W1NR wrote:

> Here are some suggestions:
> If you can afford a decent firewall/router with a hardware DMZ then
> don't run your system on your LAN.  It should be on a hardware defined
> DMZ.  A cheap older PC running Linux and 3 LAN cards can do this too.

I decided to use port forwarding from my router rather than DMZ. This 
way only one port is open.

> If all you run is Spider then have telnet port 23 redirected to 7300 and
> run spider as user sysop listening on 7300.

I set the port to 8000. Is there any advantage to 7300 ? Sysop is on, is this correct ?

> If you use ssh for remote access then only allow public/private key
> logins.  Turn off password logins.

I don't SSH to the PC.

> Shut down ALL other services that you don't plan to offer AT THE FIREWALL.

I need to work on this.

> This is probably a good topic for a Wiki page.


> Mike, W1NR


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