[Dxspider-support] Node Partner Issue

Anthony(N2KI) n2ki at amsat.org
Wed Oct 29 00:32:16 GMT 2008

Here is a copy of the debug information.


1225157349^connect 220: login: 

1225157349^connect 220: timeout set to 60

1225157349^connect 220: ve9sc

1225157349^Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at CLUSTER.PL
line 190.

1225157349^ at CLUSTER.PL line 190

1225157349^DXChannel VE9SC created (20)

1225157349^<- A VE9SC telnet

1225157349^-> B VE9SC 0

1225157349^-> E VE9SC 0

1225157349^-> D VE9SC PC18^DXSpider Version: 1.55 Build: 0.31 pc9x^5455^

1225157349^VE9SC channel func  state 0 -> init

1225157349^-> D W2CX Node VE9SC has logged in

1225157349^-> D N2KI-9 Node VE9SC has logged in

1225157349^<- I VE9SC Sorry VE9SC you are already connected elsewhere on the
cluster (on VE9SC)





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Why would a node partner be able to connect to other nodes for
spots(successfully) but on another node get a message indicating that he is
already connected to the node and get promptly disconnected?



Anthony - N2KI

30MDG - 1187





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