[Dxspider-support] Node Disconnects

Ed autek2 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 14:19:18 GMT 2008

I'm still making no head way on this issue. Thanks to my 2 partners for 
putting up with the multiple disconnects.

Here is what I'm seeing when the disconnects happen ::

queue msg (0)
queue msg (0)
queue msg (0)
cron: 48 11 29 10 3 -> doing 'start_connect('n1hej') unless 
queue msg (0)
-> D N1HEJ PC51^N1HEJ^W3NR^1^
-> D W3NR-15 Node N1HEJ has logged out
DXChannel N1HEJ destroyed (4)

The queue msg (0) starts it and it is follwed by the missing PC51 frame. 
This why I kind of ruled out the wireless card as a culprit.

Any ideas ?


W3NR = node call
W3NR-1 = sysop call
W3NR-15 = user ssid

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