[Dxspider-support] RF connect question

Danny Pease dpease at adams.net
Thu Oct 30 17:42:34 GMT 2008

Thanks Ron,

I only had one RF user all weekend and of course it was the where the 
problem was. All the telnet users were fine.

In the past couple of days I have tried several times here at home to 
duplicate the problem by connecting to my node through a separate TNC 
and radio. Even if I load the AGWPE buffer up with a lot of data, the 
cluster will disconnect me after a few minutes of no activity from my 
other station. When I reconnect, everything operates normally.

All I can think is it had something to do with the heavy load during the 
contest and AGWPE getting it's signals crossed. I have had the AGWPE 
application get screwed up a couple of times before. This is on an old 
WIN98 machine, so it may be a Windows related issue with AGWPE.

Danny NG9R

Ron Stordahl N5IN wrote:
> Danny, NG9R
> This is a very interesting observation.
> I would test this out with the BPQ32 radio interface, but my DXSpider machine went kaput, so I need to install on a different box and I have not had the time.
> It almost seems as if AGWPE is not returning the hard disconnect to DXSpider or it is not seeing it.  Clearly this is not an issue with a hard disconnect via telnet, or it would have been corrected long ago.
> Hopefully a BPQ32/DXSpider user can test this before I get to it.  Make a connection by radio, get some spots, then kill the user radio for a while and see if the user gets dropped by DXSpiser due to a hard disconnect, then reconnect and see if old spots are still queued, they shouldn't be.
> Ron, N5IN
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>> This weekend I had an RF user that got disconnected but the node still 
>> showed him as connected. About 14 hours later, he connected again and 
>> all of the spots he missed during that time started being sent to him. 
>> After an hour of trying to catch up on old spots (and there was still 11 
>> hours worth of stuff to catch up), I finally shut down the AGW packet 
>> engine, which stopped the cluster as well. I restarted everything and 
>> when the RF user reconnected, everything was fine.
>> My question is, is there something in the settings I can change change 
>> to make sure this doesn't happen again?
>> I am using Windows 98SE on a 600 MHz PIII, DX Spider version 1.55 build 
>> 0.26 and the TNC/radio is a Kenwood D700A with the TNC in KISS mode and 
>> the AGW Packet Engine software.
>> Danny NG9R
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