[Dxspider-support] Stations logging in sending one spot then logging out follow up

Keith Le Boutillier keith at cwgsy.net
Mon Apr 27 13:14:21 BST 2009


Hi All 


I have found the robot that is sending spots to my Dxcluster and others 


It's a web site called DX Sherlock located at this link:


I have visited this site and anybody can post a spot from it. I posted
some test spots from it this morning and it seems to be using different
Dxclusters to send the spots to the cluster sysop it just looks like a
lot of different calls connecting and disconnecting Dxclusters used
during this mornings test were in Spain USA and England.


What are sysops thoughts on this type of web site and Dxcluster use
should we block these types of sites or come to a working agreement with
the website owner? 


73 Keith GB7DXG

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