[Dxspider-support] Stations logging in sending one spot then logging out follow up

Dirk Koopman G1TLH gb7tlh at dxcluster.org
Mon Apr 27 16:05:20 BST 2009

Keith Le Boutillier wrote:
> Hi All
> I have found the robot that is sending spots to my Dxcluster and others

It does not appear to be a "robot", it is similar to other web based 
cluster sites (DXSummit et al). The difference is that it chooses not to 
appear as an official cluster node, at least for sending spots.

> It’s a web site called DX Sherlock located at this link: 
> http://www.vhfdx.net/spots/map.php?Lan=E&Frec=50&Map=NA 
> <http://www.vhfdx.net/spots/map.php?Lan=E&Frec=50&Map=NA>
> I have visited this site and anybody can post a spot from it. I posted 
> some test spots from it this morning and it seems to be using different 
> Dxclusters to send the spots to the cluster sysop it just looks like a 
> lot of different calls connecting and disconnecting Dxclusters used 
> during this mornings test were in Spain USA and England.

The only concern is that this site could be used to forge spots or cause 
some of the other silliness we see from time to time.

> What are sysops thoughts on this type of web site and Dxcluster use 
> should we block these types of sites or come to a working agreement with 
> the website owner?

As someone who did this sort of thing in "the good old days" of packet 
radio (~1985), by looking at locators in Net/Rom beacons and trying to 
generate ascii maps of coverage in real-ish time, I have say I am quite 
impressed with this site. Because I did it myself many years ago, I 
would not willingly make it difficult for this sort of site to interface 
to the cluster network.

Having said that, I don't think it is getting its spots in via the 
cluster network. Or, if it is, the app is failing to pick up everything 
that is available. I am speculating that he is only showing data that is 
coming in via his website? Or is he listening to a (partial) UI 
beaconing AX25 site?

I would be happier if one needed to login in order to send spots and it 
would be nice if it could interface to a local cluster node. With 
something that is transaction based like this, one can see the reason 
why he would do a simple "one-shot" dx spot and also why he randomly 
chooses his nodes.

Maybe he might be interested in some help?

Dirk G1TLH

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